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Asturias Hub Defense Annual Meeting

Next Thursday, May 30, the Annual Assembly of the Asturias Defense Hub will be held at the facilities of RHEINMETALL EXPAL MUNITIONS S.A.U located at Av. Soto Mayor, 33119 Trubia, Asturias.


Private event
10.30 Welcome from the President
10:40 Presentation and approval of the 2023 Annual Accounts and 2024 Budget
11:00 Balance 1 year of activity and Operational Plan 2024
11:10 Questions and Answers
11:20 Closing of the Ordinary General Assembly

Public event (limited attendance and by invitation)
11:30 Balance 1 year of activity and brief summary of the 2024 Operational Plan
12:00 Presentation of ASTUREX’s 2024 Promotion Plan for the Defense Sector,
by Javier Tamargo Fanjul
12:15 Lecture by the National R+D Planning Unit – SDG PLATIN – DGAM, given by the head of the Unit, Cte. CIP. Carlos Calderón Carnero
12:35 Visit to the RHEINMETALL EXPAL MUNITIONS facilities
13:45 Spanish Wine

Asturias Hub Defensa – Innovación para la defensa desde Asturias

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