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Betting on a safe, incremental & sustainable digital journey

Entering “digital” is a journey you can not take safely without a roadmap. Castroalonso provides you with the right one.

We have defined an innovative, understandable and comprehensive best practices framework to help you bypass current digital fragility, and therefore the value erosion it brings.

Strategic synchronization

Organizational design

Sources of value erosion

Business value contribution

Digital fragility mitigation

Communication & culture

Regulatory compliance

Performance assessment & measurement

Advisory services

Digital Law & Compliance

The exponential speed of technological development and the emergence of new challenges, that are growing in number and complexity, require innovative responses from a legal viewpoint and aligned with regulatory requirements, in fields such as:

Privacy and personally identifiable information (PII) protection

Crime compliance & whistleblower protection

Intangible assets (Intellectual/Industrial Property) protection

Compliance with legally binding information security frameworks (e.g., ENS)

For sure, it may also require to follow non mandatory, generally accepted frameworks, as the ones below (to name but a few):

Cybersecurity Orchestration Models
Castroalonso’s COMPASS ™

Quality Management Systems, QMS
ISO 9001

Information Security Management Systems, ISMS
ISO 27001

Industrial Cybersecurity Management Systems, ICMS
IEC 62443

Privacy Management Systems
ISO 27701

Advisory services

Cybersecurity & IACS Security

We live an era of digital fragility. It makes it essential to ensure the safety of every organization’s information & operations to protect your people, business assets and environment.

We get involved in synchronizing cybersecurity with business strategies and oversighting the use and coexistence of different technologies within the organization’s value chain to achieve the right balance between protection and business transformation.

Identification of sources of value erosion
Risk management

Contribution to business value
Innovation & investment management

Excellent operation of all things cyber
Prevention, discovery & response/recovery

Advisory services

Cultural shift

The social-technical nature of “digital” makes business transformation only possible through an organization-wide cultural change approach.

We have both, the expertise and the tools to help you in your cultural shift process.

AI & neuropsychology based awareness raising solution
We help you to adopt the cyber hygiene regime your business demands.

E-learning platform
We provide you with training & education services adapted to the particular needs of your organization.

We also offer

Advisory services

Bankruptcy Law

Advisory services

Crypto Taxation

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