Edificio Castroalonso

Parque Científico Tecnológico
33203 Gijón

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We preserve the business value your people create

Being at the forefront of corporate risk management for decades makes of Castroalonso the people-centered boutique advisory firm, focused on Digital Law & Cybersecurity, it currently is.

A multidisciplinary & diverse team

The ongoing development of both, the regulatory and technology spaces demand comprehensive legal-technological responses given by a versatile, close, constantly updated, multidisciplinary & diverse team made up of economists, journalists, political scientists, lawyers , engineers & technicians.

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University of Oviedo’s
“Castroalonso” Chair of Cybersecurity & Digital Landscape

Boosting Cybersecurity by committedly supporting research & knowledge transfer, talent development, awareness and dissemination activities, in order to enable a safe transit across the Digital Landscape.

Corporate certifications

Professional certifications

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